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Almond Processing Factory

Agro Concept Almond Factory, where innovation and efficiency converge in Plasencia. Spanning an impressive 4900 square meters of land with a dedicated factory space of 1100 square meters, our facility is a beacon of modern almond processing.

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Our Factory

At the core of our operations is a brand-new almond processing line, engineered for excellence. Boasting a capacity of 900 kg per hour, we are equipped to handle a staggering 1.5 million kg of almonds annually, ensuring a constant flow of top-quality products.

But it’s not just about quantity. We take pride in offering versatile packaging solutions tailored to diverse market needs. From large bulk packs for commercial use to small-sized vacuum packs preserving freshness and flavor, we ensure our almonds reach you in perfect condition, ready to delight.

Our commitment at Agro Concept Almond Factory is to deliver the finest almonds, processed with care and precision, meeting the highest standards of quality and sustainability. Join us as we set new benchmarks in the almond industry, one kernel at a time. Agro Concept Almond Factory – Redefining Excellence in Almond Processing.